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The Grove

The Grove: A Creative Place to Grow in Grace

The Grove: A Creative Place to Grow in Grace

The Grove: A Creative Place to Grow in GraceThe Grove: A Creative Place to Grow in GraceThe Grove: A Creative Place to Grow in Grace


I am a West Virginia Native, wife, and mother of two children born 11 years apart. I am a homeschool mom of 4 years with Classical Conversations in Ona, WV. My background is in Interior design and I am a self-taught artist and jewelry artisan. After working as an interior designer for years I decided to stay home with my two children when my son was born in 2011.  

Under The Oaks was born in 2014 when my youngest son went to preschool. I started off using resin and taught myself to soldier jewelry. Years later my hobby has evolved in to something different, forever changing and growing. My favorite materials are natural stones and beads made from all over the world, leathers, different metals and gemstones. 

The name Under The Oaks comes from the two giant Oak trees in our backyard. I have always had a love for trees so it was a perfect fit. I’ve always loved anything to do with art, being creative, and working with my hands. 

I never saw myself homeschooling. I would’ve told you you were crazy had you told me 10 years ago I’d be a homeschool mom...But God puts desires in our hearts. He equips the ill equipped. Boy was I ill equipped. Now I see myself doing this for the long haul. I love the classical model and I love sharing it with anyone and everyone who will listen.  I love learning with my little. I get to witness and be a part of every first. 

I am now bringing my two dreams together. I’ve always had a dream of opening my own store and a place for local artists to display their beautiful handmade things. Now I have this dream of community. Fellowship. Not only A place where local artists can sell things, but a place where people can gather and create together, where relationships can grow. A safe place to be open and real and share our stories. 

I can’t wait to share this place and these two beautiful ladies God has put in my life with you. But most of all, I can’t wait to share this God who sought me out, who never gave up on me. Who left the ninety nine for me...and you. 

We can’t wait to meet you. See you at The Grove.




I have been blessed with an intuitive nature along with a sincere heart for coming along side of women and their families as they experience the “Mountain Top Moments” of life, but also the “Deep Valleys.” 

My mission is to provide women and their families support and encouragement through the truth and hope of God’s word, combined with practical life strategies and clinical intervention as needed.

Qualifications and Experience

I have a BA in Counseling, MA in Counseling and a Minor in Communications. I have a combined 15 years experience working as both an LSW and LPC in West Virginia. My experience has been broad and fulfilling. I have had the opportunity to work with adults, children and their families in the home, office, group homes and nursing and rehabilitation centers.  


In more cases than not, grief, depression and anxiety are all normal human responses to the hard seasons of life. Life is messy, scary and sometimes downright ugly. I believe that in more cases than not, our emotions are a reasonable response to habitual thought/behavioral patterns combined with painful and tricky life seasons. 

Services Provided

Support Services: This is very individualized according to each person/family and their needs, time, financial constraints and comfort level. These services are very much focused on recognizing the truth in life circumstances, education, encouragement and having accountability. Support services will often be met through various ways such as electronic communication, “home work” for application and/or face to face sessions. Support Services ARE NOT clinical therapy services.  

Family Services:  This is an extension of support services but focused primarily on the communication and parenting strategies that focus on not only the behavior but the heart behind the behavior.  

Family services are also beneficial when a difficult decision has to be made such as end of life care. Emotions can often times cloud judgement and make communication very painful. Having an outside support is often times all that is needed to navigate these difficult life transitions. 

Clinical Therapy Services: Therapy services are offered for those who may be struggling with past or current trauma, complicated grief, long standing depression/anxiety or are having trouble breaking out of deep rooted belief patterns that just aren’t serving them well. 

Areas Of Specialty: 

  • Establishing and enforcing healthy relational boundaries
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Navigating life transitions (letting go of the old and embracing the new) 
  • Spiritual Support
  • Generalized Depression/Anxiety


I am a U.S. Army combat Veteran turned Army wife and mother to two boisterous boys and one shelter pup (who provide endless content about overcoming messes). I enjoy quiet mornings spent with God while savoring a hot cup of sweet coffee…and if I can have those things with a beach view, all the better!

I met my husband in one of those countries I wouldn’t have chosen to visit – a “Jonah moment,” if you will. Three international moves later, we planned our wedding from a war zone in Balad, Iraq. After the birth of our first son, I traded my boots and uniform for cute sandals and a craft apron. My husband, Matt continues to serve God and country, while I manage the home-front.

Raised in an encouraging, Christian home where education was valued, I set high goals for herself from youth and did what was necessary to achieve them. I graduated from West Point and served on Active Duty in the Army for nearly 10 years, living in 6 countries, and 7 states.

Along the way, I stumbled through a whole bunch of messy stuff. But finding God’s beauty underneath those scratches, dents, and dings has been my most beloved discovery. That’s why I am passionate about connecting women through crafts, encouraging them to overcome their messes, embrace their memories, and become the masterpieces God created them to be.

You can connect with me on my blog, My Messy Desk, as well as on Facebook or Twitter. But the best place to find me is at The Grove!

If you're looking for some marriage encouragement, I wrote three great resources on Marriage:

When Marriage Gets Messy. An 11-Week Workbook for Wives on Overcoming 10 Common Messes Married Couples Make through hope-filled stories of how God redeemed real-life messes in marriage, personal reflection, daily prayer, practical suggestions, and intensive Bible study.

Marriage Maintenance: Tune Up After Time Apart for Him and for Her. Companion Workbooks helping couples reconnect following a deployment of other long separation by facilitating intentional discussion and goal setting on 11 key topics.